If you're looking for options, not limitations, ventless fireplaces are the way to go. Perfect for homeowners who don't, or can't, have a chimney or want to deal with venting pipes, ventless fireplaces don't require exterior venting at all. And that means that these fireplaces can be installed in a variety of rooms and locations.

When it comes to style, ventless fireplaces have a lot to offer. First off, the lack of venting means that they can be installed on any wall, in any location. There are even a variety of wall hanging options that don't even require permanent installation. And these fireplaces can be personalized by changing styles of fire logs, adding different fire glass or stones or even adding a decorative surround. And when it comes to appearances, ventless fireplaces don't produce ash and waste in the same way a traditional fireplace does, so you won't have as much to clean up.

As completely efficient heating sources, ventless fireplaces don't lose their heat up the chimney. They draw air in from the room that they're installed in and create nearly complete combustion. Instead of producing smoke and hazardous gases, they mostly release water vapor and carbon dioxide.